A Hand Made Custom Corvette

Over the course of two years, Scott Roth and Dennis Johnson spent 22,000 hours dissassembling, modifying, redesigning and rebuilding a 1966 Corvette. Upon its completion, it was 6 3/8” wider and absolutely packed with modern high performance automotive technology.

Behind SplitRay®

SplitRay® is the most recent endeavour for Dennis, a Corvette lover since his days growing up in Detroit watching the evolution of the American muscle car unfold in his back yard. After owning an original ’62, Dennis, with some influence from Scott, made the decision to offer it up for sale and try to locate the car that he truly loved, a C2.

The 1966 coupe that would become SplitRay® was located outside Philadelphia and was in rough condition. It was a difficult build; the body was nothing but a shell, there were many boxes of uninstalled parts, the car was essentially a shell and a VIN.

Upon returning the pieces to Vermont, the pair needed to come up with a plan. Dennis came up with an idea to use a modern C7 interior and days later Scott located a complete interior from a barely driven 2015 Z06.

Uncharted Territory

From there, Scott set out to measure the parts and came up with a plan to assemble them. It was at this point that Scott and Dennis decided to incorporate all of the amenities from a modern performance car into the classic styling of the original C2. Instead of cutting the dash to make it fit, the body, chassis and driveline were widened to fit the modern interior.

Nothing like this had ever been done. This massive endeavor, building from the ground up, was completed in 17 months. Scott not only delivered in a timely manner, but he successfully tackled a job no one had ever attempted before. It was a bold move that set a new standard for quality production with a quick turnaround.

Custom Classic

To bring the concept to the next level, Scott wanted to infuse SplitRay® with the essence of a modern supercar. He contacted Chevrolet Performance for a Supercharged LS9 6.2L V-8. He also purchased an extreme performance chassis built specifically for the C2 Corvette. He then masked the LS9 with components styled to look as if they came from a ‘66. Once he received the chassis, he had to make significant changes to it to fit the SplitRay® body, giving him the tools and ideas he needed to start Rothspeed.

The entire chassis was widened and channeled for an aggressive ground-hugging stance. And, of course, all of the components were prepared meticulously for performance and show. The body was widened, with design changes incorporated to conceal the extra width and give it a traditional look. With supercar performance comes additional safety. The new interior allowed for safer, more modern seats, and a larger rear window allowed for more visibility.

Best Of Both Worlds

On the inside, it’s a modern Corvette. On the outside, it is a classic 1966 with an extra mean look to it. This vehicle has won Scott an array of awards and garnered a significant amount of attention. With that attention inevitably comes the question of whether or not SplitRay® is for sale.

SplitRay® 2.0

Coming in 2020, you can have your very own SplitRay® for a small fraction of the cost of the original! Redesigned as its own model, SplitRay® 2.0 features numerous improvements. Below you can see some of the biggest design changes, as well as a concept design of the interior.

Carbon Fiber Body

SplitRay® 2.0 features a carbon fiber body that weighs about 100lbs. It is more resilient to the elements and will not contort or crack from sunlight or temperature changes.

Rothspeed Performance Chassis

Having to custom modify a chassis adds a lot of time to a build. Rothspeed custom performance chassis are an integral part of delivering Splitray® 2.0 to the public at a lower price.

Optioned By You

When buying a Splitray® 2.0, you are able to make decisions about what goes into your car. Tailored to fit your preferences, Splitray® 2.0 is truly the ultimate performance Corvette.

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