Chassis For The Builders

Rothspeed chassis value is a balance of craftsmanship, quality materials, and serviceability. We do this by working directlly with you and suppliers to select the best components and features for the build, while avoiding unnecessary ones.

Project Support 

Driven by a belief in product  in quality product support. If you ever find yourself in a positon where you’re not sure what direction to go with your build, simply reach out and we will happily guide you. By documenting work using CAD programs, we are able to effectively support builders remotely.

Hand Crafted In Vermont

Our chassis are designed and hand crafted out of North American materials. Using 3D modeling software, high precision jigs, and experienced fabricators, we are able to deliver a high quality, precise chassis with a beautiful handmade finish.

How Rothspeed Chassis Are Made


X-Rail Frame Design™

A hallmark of a high quality perfromance chassis is rigidity. At Rothspeed, we found there was too much flex in the chassis available on the market, so we pioneered the X-Rail Frame Design™. Our patent pending contruction provides improved vehicle performance and control by minimizing flex in frame rails while minimizing added weight.


Our X-Rail Frame Design™ isnt the onlly thing that improves the handling of our chassis. We’ve also designed unique control arms that decrese flexing and twisting while contributing to a superior suspension geometry. All of this combined with an independent rear suspension delivers the best driving feel from the tarmac up.

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With a Rothspeed Chassis, you are able to fully disassemble and service compoentents – something most other competitors are not able to offrer. With our chassis, you can adjust thee control arms with a single bolt and rebuild control arm joints. You will be able to easily access the chassis’ independent rear end and make the upgrades you want when you’re ready to do so. We deliver our chassis assembled, allowing you to get right to the build upon delivery.

Show Room Ready

With tow hook provisions and defined jack points, i’s never been easier to  protect your show car. These features are designed and built directly into the chassis, so that it is easy to move and lift your vehicle safely. Becasue we have incorporated them into the design process, we were able to include them in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Project Support

We’re here to help. If you have a question at any stage of ownership, we are available to reach out to. With us, the customer experiene doesn’t end once the chassis has been delivered.


Modern Design

We’ve invested a significant amount of time into increasing the rigidity of our chassis design in order to deliver a predictable and consistently handling product. By offering a rigid chassis and suspension, you are able to corner more aggressively on a more predictable platform.

Substantial Construction

A quality design would mean nothing without quality components. Our chassis are robust. They are stronger, stiffer, and more stable than any classic car chassis and many modern chassis. Their rigidity paired with high quality material and components means you can drive with peace of mind knowing that you have a durable chassis that is going to provide the high end performance you desire.

Durable Materials

Sourcing components from all over the USA from the top companies in their respective fields, we are able to offer a durable and quality chassis that will not let you down.

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Rothspeed was founded by Scott Roth and Dennis Johnson, the team behind the award winning show car SplitRay. Learn more about why they founded Rothspeed and what their plans are for the future of Rothspeed and SplitRay.

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It makes sense to go from building cars to building chassis for cars. But why make the switch when your show cars win you awards? 

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