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Personal Protective Equipment

Face Masks

Flexible, hand washable neoprene mask with replaceable filters built with products sourced in the United States of America.

Replacement Air Filters

Bag of 20 replaceable filters

Quality & Value

100% hand crafted in Vermont, Rothspeed custom chassis are optioned specifically for your upgrade project. Using domestically sourced components we deliver you a build ready high performance chassis that is serviceable, and durable.

Designed For Your Project

We work with you to design a chassis specific to your driving needs. One that will give you the best possible driving experience without breaking the bank. Because our chassis arrive build ready you can move right into assembly without having to do additional work.

Quality Craftsmanship

Balancing Performance & Budget

The chassis is the backbone of a vehicle, and often in classic cars that backbone is rusted, heavy, and less rigid. A Rothspeed chassis is performance, and more.


We spent a significant amount of time designing an easily serviceable high performance chassis.


Not only does our design deliver a superior driving experience, it is also performs in the shop. 


Our chassis are built to last a lifetime. They are designed to be durable, and easily serviceable.


We have strong relationships with all of our suppliers. This means that parts are cheaper for us than they are for you.

Born Out Of Necessity

Rothspeed custom chassis are the product of the construction of SplitRay®, and the beginning of SplitRay® phase two. Building SplitRay® revealed an opportunity to fill a gap in the chassis building industry. Read the story behind award winning SplitRay®, and the experience that lead to the creation of Rothspeed


More Than A Product

We Support You

Your chassis is handcrafted from the finest materials, and assembled at our facility in northern Vermont. Staying true to our roots we value community, and bring you directly into the build process. Helping you option your chassis so that it melts out of mind during your driving experience. 

When you recieve your chassis we don’t stop there. If you have questions, need guidance or advice we are here to provide support. The team that made your chassis is just one phone call away will provide support with any decisions you or your build team need to make. 


About Us

Rothspeed was founded by Scott Roth and Dennis Johnson and is on a mission to provide the highest quality performance products. They believe in creating quality products by using the best materials in an intelligent way and creating a supply chain that allows for those high performance components to be sourced at reasonable prices. In short it is their mission to make your dollar go further, and faster too!