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We Make Chassis For Builders

When we build a chassis, it’s our goal to do so in a way that maximizes value. We want to deliver you the highest quality in the most cost effective way. To do this, we work directly with you to select parts and features that you need and avoid the ones you don’t. 

Project Support 

Our chassis are highly customizeable and easy to work on. Every aspect is designed to be serviceable and hand crafted to last you a lifetime. If you find yourself in a position where you’re not sure what to do, simply reach out and we will happily guide you because we believe in quality product support. 

Hand Crafted In Vermont

Our chassis are designed and hand crafted out of North American materials. Vermonters value artisan community driven projects and we wanted to incorporate the larger high performance community into our business. To do that, we partnered directly with our part suppliers, meaning that we get to pass some savings along to you.


X-Rail Frame Design™

When we first started designing our chassis we wanted them to be rigid. X-Rail Frame Design™ is the solution to the problem. Our patent pending construction provides improved performance and vehicle control with minimal added weight.


X-Rail Frame Design™ isn’t the only contributing factor to improved handling. We’ve designed unique control arms that decrease flexing and twisting and contribute to a superior suspension geometry. All of this combined with an independent rear end delivers the best driving feel from the chassis up.



Our chassis are made with builders in mind. With a Rothspeed Chassis, you can adjust the control arms with a single bolt and rebuild control arm joints. You will be able to easily access the chassis independent rear end and make the upgrades that you want when you’re ready to do so. Your chassis is also delivered assembled, allowing you to get right to the build immediately upon delivery.

Show Room Ready

With tow hook provisions and defined jack points it’s never been easier to protect your show car! These features are baked directly into the chassis, so that you can move and lift your vehicle safely. And, because they are part of the construction, we also make them look good.

Project Support

We’re here to help you. If you have a question about your chassis at any stage of ownership, we are here for you. With us, the customer experience doesn’t end when the chassis is delivered. One call is all it takes to speak to the team that built your chassis and get the insight you deserve.


Modern Design

We’ve invested a significant amount of time into increasing the rigidity of our design in order to deliver a predictable and repeatable experience. That way, when you make future changes, you’re not chasing control arm deflection or chassis flex. We deliver a rigid and predictable platform for your driving needs.

Substantial Construction

Our chassis have a lot behind them. They are beefier, stronger and more stable than any classic cars chassis and many modern chassis as well. Their rigidity along with the quality of the materials means that you can drive with the peace of mind knowing that your chassis is going to provide the high end performance you desire.

Durable Materials

We use the best materials because they allow us to give you performance, but they also serve as safety added features. Between quality metals, durable parts and resilient custom components, your chassis will not let you down.

Ready To Start Your Chassis? 

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Rothspeed was founded by Scott Roth and Dennis Johnson, the team behind the award winning show car SplitRay. Learn more about why they founded Rothspeed and what their plans are for the future of Rothspeed and SplitRay.

Who We Are

It makes sense to go from building cars to building chassis for cars. But why make the switch when your show cars win you awards? 

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A 1966 Corvette Stingray with 6-3/8ths inches added down the middle designed and built using modern techniques and materials. This award winning super car is wearing vintage clothing.  

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